Music for Boys (& tomboys)

Looking for music for boys 5-12?  Or books for all kids 4+? Spend a little time with Lp Camozzi and his sense of humour. This father of three and grandfather of four is guaranteed children's entertainment for growing boys (and tomboys too!)   

Parents, grandparents and guardians are more than welcome to share in the fun.

Lp Camozzi has deliberately chosen to support boys because he believes they need a little extra mentorship and encouragement in today’s changing world.

Ultimately your girls will appreciate it.


Now Singing for Adults

Take a look to the right and you'll see the title song for my first adult album.  The songs are written and rehearsed.  And the title track went live March 3rd worldwide. Stay tuned for more news!

Fun Free Music

The following three tracks were first recorded on Even Kids Get the Blues.
Alphabonescandy ofc for promo 5 inch
" I love reading this book to my kids"  KJ

" Your best book to date!"  PMC

"alpha bones candy has alliteration, artistry, and finding "gold bug" all rolled into one fantastic book for children ages 4-40. My grandchildren love it!!!”    EW
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