Camozzi Bio

Lp Camozzi rhymes with cosy.

He is a professional children's singer/songwriter/author who was born in the Kootenay Mountains of British Columbia in 1952. According to his Rossland cousin, he is a wandering spirit from the Kootenay band - though his Italian father, Dutch mother and six younger siblings would argue the point.

After getting a Marketing degree from the Ivey business school, working in Advertising since 1975, marrying a Quebecoise beauty and siring three children, Lp decided to move from the his ocean swimming home on BC's Sunshine Coast to near downtown Montreal to become an English children's entertainer in 2001.

Since that time, he has self-published two CD's (Even Kids Get the Blues & Even Kids Go Country) and three pictures books.  The first two books were illustrated by his fine arts educated daughter Marielle (Pasta Pazoo, More Better Spaghetti and Spice Kapita, That Dancin’ Guy.)  Both books were best sellers in the province of Quebec.  

March 2016 marked the launch of Lp's third book - alpha bones candy - illustrated by son Zach.  It's his best book to date.  It's a unique ABC book because each letter is described in Tanka poetry form and each amazing illustration has objects beginning with the hero letter hidden in them.  Plus, it's a colouring book!

Summer 2019 is the scheduled launch date of Lp's latest book - a parenting guide for new fathers. Titled:  Hey Daddy! This book is for you! 

Lp has performed on stage since 2003. His first paid performance occurred at the Oshawa Jazz & Blues fest - his family's Ontario hometown. 2009 was celebrated with his first professional out-of-province tour in Manitoba including a show at the William Glesby Theatre. Then 2010 took off with run-of-festival performances at the Vancouver International Children's Festival and numerous other small venue appearances.  In 2012/13, to celebrate his 60th birthday, Lp completed a four-month music and book reading tour of the USA and Canada.

Lp still enjoys skiing as illustrated in this 2013 photo at Lake Louise with his son Zach at the tail end of his 2012/2013 tour.

Read Lp's 2012/2013 LPWORDSONGSHOW tour blog here:

Frequently Asked Questions

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What's New?

In Music

Lp continues to perform live in Montreal while working on his third kids album and his first for adults.  Anticipated release date is 2020/21.
In Book

Lp is excited about his first parenting book for fathers. A perfect gift for Dad from partners, parents or grandparents. Wrapped around a personal memoir, it is now available (August 12 2019 release).  Hey Daddy is a practical, fun guide book for those Dads who want great kids. 

 And who doesn't?

What instruments does Lp play?

Blues harmonica, acoustic guitar and spoons on stage. And piano, accordion and fiddle when fooling around in his basement studio.

What does Lp stand for?

Long playing.

Where did Lp get these ideas for kids?

Lp was the oldest of seven children (four boys and three girls.)

When he and his wife had three children in school he became truly concerned about parenting and education. So he led Parent Advisory Councils in both elementary and high schools helping both students and parents.

Lp is a grandfather of five.

Does Lp know Canada well?

Yes. He is a true Canadian singer/songwriter/author because his blood is red. He was born in Rossland, British Columbia in 1952, lived in Ontario from 1956-1986 and married a Quebec francophone in 1982. They met in New Brunswick where they were both on solo bicycle trips. Their three kids were born in Toronto and raised primarily in BC.  Lp and his wife settled in Montreal, Quebec in 2001. Lp has driven across the country several times. His favourite place in Canada is a small bass-filled Kawartha lake in Ontario. And of course - the BC mountains - for skiing.

What is Lp's professional performing status?

Lp Camozzi is an independent musician and music publisher.  He is a self-taught musician on all his instruments.  He is a member of SOCAN as a writer and publisher; a member of CARAS and CIRAA; a former member of the Nashville Songwriters Association; a member of ELAN (English Language Arts Network; a member of QWF (Quebec Writer’s Federation.) and a member of the Monkland Tennis Club and the Bromont Ski Club.


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