It's getting worse for boys. And girls as a result.

I've been a follower of the Gurian Institute in the USA for quite a few years now.   They have boldly gone where few have dared before - focusing on boy issues. And more recently on girls as well - illustrating how boys and girls learn differently.   Their latest research numbers are not encouraging for boys.  Thanks to Michael Gurian confirming what I've felt for a long time.  And for allowing me to share their research as follows.

* Boys have fallen behind girls in every area of education from Preschool through Graduate school. 

* 85% of stimulant-addressing medications (like Ritalin) prescribed in the world are prescribed to U.S. boys. 

* Boys are twice as likely as girls to be victims of violence in America, but in certain age groups the ratio is 6:1. 

* Boys receive two-thirds of the Ds and Fs in our schools but less than 40 percent of the As. 

* Boys are twice as likely as girls to be labeled as “emotionally disturbed” and twice as likely to be diagnosed with a behavioural or learning disorder. 

* Boys are four times as likely as girls to be suspended or expelled from early childhood and K-12 learning environments. 

* Over the last 20 years, the reading skills of 17-year-old boys have steadily declined.

What's the long term affect of this twenty year trend?   

A seriously unbalanced university enrolment,  a shortage of "good men out there" and a lot of unhappy men and women.  Not to mention a serious lack of social skills and just plain respect for the opposite sex.